Summerclash 2014


Nils Jansons!

Nils Jansons just received his first Pro skate, placed 1st at Winterclash 2013, was one of the winners at Summerclash 2013, is super awesome anyway-  and will be back at Summerclash 2014. Isn’t that great news?

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Summerclash is an outdoor event and even if we are 100% sure that it won’t rain, we worked out a backup plan for the worst-case scenario. If it rains we will make sure that everybody is still going to have an unforgettable weekend!
Find out more: Summerclash Rain Program

11.04.2014 quinn_int

Scott Quinn!

Scottish style king Scott Quinn recently placed first at a huge comp in Russia. He is leaving an impression wherever he’s going these days and we are looking forward having him back at Summerclash!


David Sizemore!

David Sizemore is another  “last years winner” and had a blast during his stay in Europe. Of course we wanted to have him back for this years event and we are super glad to be able to announce: David Sizemore will be at Summerclash 2014!


Contest Registration

Just like last year you can expect an amazing riders line-up. We are in touch with some of the planets best riders and their companies to make it happen.
Stay tuned for the first big announcements in the next days and make sure to sign up today!

14.04.2014 thisissoul_bus

Thisissoul Bus to Summerclash

Travel together with the Thisissoul team to the Summerclash in Berlin!
Thisissoul will be renting a tourbus with driver that will drive from Rotterdam (stopping in Amsterdam and Groningen) to the Summerclash in Berlin.
Only 50 places available (including the team!), full is full!
Also on the way back there will be stops in Groning and Amsterdam before the last stop in Rotterdam.

The tickets for the trip (return ticket) are 75 euro per person, not including the Summerclash entry ticket. This ticket costs 40 euro and includes a camping spot.
If you buy both your Summerclash and busticket at Thisissoul, you will receive a free limited edition TISxSummerclash Tshirt (to be given to you in the bus). Buy your entry ticket here.

11.04.2014 lang_int

Dave Lang!

After killing it at Winterclash, Dave Lang will be back in Europe this summer to attend as many events as possible. We were glad to hear that one of the most important stops on his way will be Summerclash. See you there Dave!

10.04.2014 cj_sc_int

CJ Wellsmore!

Winterclash 2014 winner CJ Wellsmore confirmed to be at Summerclash again. Flying in all the way from Australia. See you soon CJ!

08.04.2014 montre_intern

Montre Livingston!

Montre Livingston will be at Summerclash. We are extremely happy to have him back.
Not only because he is one of the winners from last year, but because he always adds this little extra something to every event he attends. See you soon Montre!

06.04.2014 web_first,jpg


After the massive success in 2013, we‘re taking it to another level this year.
A new camping area, the real street flavoured skatepark, exciting new side events and a small music program are just some of the fresh additions we‘ve made to bring you the best summer holiday of your life.

The tickets will arrive at most shops this week. You can already buy them at the Official Summerclash Shop or preorder them at your favourite skateshop.
Summer is close, we cant wait to see you!