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Over & Out

Hey everyone,

First of all we want to apologize for the long silence on Facebook and our website.
We hope that all of you had a safe trip home and got some rest after that intense last weekend.

We also hope that all of you had a great time at Summerclash 14.
Thank you for the enormous feedback and all the love. We really appreciate it and it helped us to focus on the good things and most importantly to continue and look into the future.

We tried everything possible to dry up the park after that rain on Saturday evening, but unfortunately there was no way to hold a proper contest anymore. When we woke up on Sunday morning it just rained again and once the park was finally dry enough to hold a comp, most of the riders and visitors already left back home. We are really sorry and we will spend the prize money wisely to ensure we are able to continue and allowed to come back to Mellowpark again. And of course we hope to be luckier with the weather next time.

Regardless, we had an amazing afterparty and we would like to thank everyone that danced and laughed with us until the early morning.

We are proud for having such amazing visitors and we enjoyed watching the competitions, the concerts, parties and all the action going on at the campsite.

We would like to thank the Mellowpark Crew for being incredibly supportive and for all the work they put into this event. We are pleased to be able to work with you guys!

A huge thank you goes out to our volunteers and everyone that helped us out in whatever way as well. We couldn’t do this without you and we hope to be working with you again!

And last but not least, I want to personally thank my Summerclash team. I´m honored and proud to have such great people by my side and if it wouldn’t be for them things would look differently today.

See you next time and take care. Thank you for an incredible Summerclash 14!

Jojo Jacobi & The Summerclash Team

(Full rankings and more pictures coming tomorrow.)

Photo: Alexander Schneider

16.06.2014 Rollerskating,-Berlin,-19.04.2014__MG_7140

DJ A-Lap

Just like last year, our event DJ will be long time blader Andre Lepszy aka A-Lap.
He will make sure everyone will have a good time and spread the good vibes with his fine selection of everthing you like.

Check out his latest Mixtape:

(Photo: Felix Strosetzki)

14.06.2014 thomas_site

Music: Thomas Thellmann

Thomas Thellmann will be spinning the decks Friday night and if you know his blading, you already know his music selection will be on point!

Hello there, my name is Thomas and if we haven’t already met somewhere in Europe yet to have some slides, laughs or FUN in general here is a little something ’bout me: I live in Germany, traveling back and forth between my hometown Heilbronn and my second home Berlin, where i organize 2 clubnites, The Paisley Club and The White Room. I like Garage / Psych from the U.S. and A as well as some European stuff. Its been a while since i last visited a Blading event, i hope you didn’t change because it was loads of fun last time! I am very happy to be a part of the Summerclash this year and looking forward to see you there for some topsoulz and booze!

Some fave spins:
Tol-Puddle Martyrs – Time will come
Bumps – Please come Down
Little Phil – The way it used to be
Lost Tribe – Walk one way
Dan Nix – I know

Here is a little mix of some stuff you’ll hear in my sets:

06.06.2014 vague_big

Live: Vague

Vague is an alternative band from Vienna (Austria). That’s basically all they want you to know about them. They believe in DIY and SSM rider Gabriel Hyden is part of the band. Enough reasons to check them out at Summerclash? They are going to hit the stage on Friday after the Blackjack Bowlsession. Be there!

You can listen to their music here:
And you should like them on Facebook:

Summerclash 14 Results

Street Junior
1. Patrick Egan
2. Tesharn February
3. Levi van Rijn
4. Ben Melia
5. Martin Danning
6. August van der Velden
7. Randy Zoller
8. Nils Rinas

Street Girl
1. Grazyna Wratny
2. Friederike
3. Paula Zawadzka
4. Danielle McCloskey
5. Jacky Schrooten
6. Emilia Parejo Escobar
7. Zhanneta Kotciubinskaia

Street Amateur
1. Martin Braz Teixara
2. Pshemec Goorchyk
3. Charlie Ruckly
4. Timm Kittlitz
5. Sam Crofts
6. Gino Dangers
7. Igor Jovanovic
8. Sem Croft
9. Adrian Röter
10. Martin Gade
11. Josh Nielsen
12. Joseph Harvey
13. Jara Mrstny
14. Dave Mutschall
14. Robert Spassov

Grindhouse Miniramp Masters Junior
1. Patrick Egan
2. Tesharn February
3. Levi van Rijn
4. Martin Danning
5. Cei Evans
6. Jaro Frijn
7. Ben Melia
8. Sotiris Maglis

Grindhouse Miniramp Masters Girl
1. Friederike Reisch
2. Grazyna Wratny
3. Jacky Schrooten
4. Danielle McCloskey
5. Paula Zawadzka

Grindhouse Miniramp Masters Amateur
1. Dave Mutschall
2. Charlie Ruckly
3. Erik Droogh
4. Robert Spassov
5. Sam Crofts
6. Elias Bjorn
7. Sem Croft
8. Joseph Harvey
9. Josh Nielsen
10. Julien Lemoine

Grindhouse Miniramp Masters Pro
1. Nick Lomax
2. Jo Zenk
3. CJ Wellsmore
4. Nils Jansons
5. Piotrek Combrzyński
6. Dave Lang
7. Blake Bird
8. Guillaume Le Gentil

17.06.2014 20140617_Summerclash2014_Webflyer_Camprace_680x680

Summerclash Camp Race

Start: Friday, 12:00 a.m. at the Street Park

Join us for a one of a kind blading race that requires all you skills on and especially off skates.

The race is taking place all over Mellowpark and you will need to complete a lot of challenging tasks.

Make sure to bring your shoes AND skates.

More information about what exactly you will need to do and how the whole thing is going to work: Just be there in time and we will tell you ;)

15.06.2014 10432381_10203397427889525_1233774524_n

Valo Europe Video

The Valo Europe Team is working on an amazing team video. Kare Lindberg, Olav Norheim, Patrick Ridder and Tony Cheetah are filming all over the place right now and they expect the video to be finished in September. The first trailer is ready and we will show it first at Summerclash. Be there for the trailer premiere on Thursday evening, right before the premiere of “Aventura”.

12.06.2014 Beightol_small

Dethbed SC 14 Posters

Dethbed SC 14 posters will be available for free at the Be-Mag Tradeshow Booth. Pass by and take one, fill out what each letter means to you, snap a pic and post it on Instagram and Facebook, using #summerclash.

We would like to thank Jeremy Beightol (Dethbed) and Matt Mickey (Intuition Skateshop) for this awesome opportunity.

06.06.2014 20140604_Summerclash2014_Webflyer_Concerts_Parties_680_int


We are proud to announce our Summerclash by Night Program.
We are hoping to see all of you in that brand new party location at Mellowpark.

Detailed information coming in the next days.